La Paz: Capital of sport fishing

By Martín Inzunza Tamayo

Director of FONMAR

The tourist history of our port of illusion is linked to sport fishing. Its beaches, the diversity of species destined for sport fishing and its proximity to the United States, makes us a spot for attractive sport fishing.

Having a fishing tournament during summer with a guaranteed purse of one million pesos in prizes, is an initiative launched by FONMAR and H. XVII City Hall of La Paz.

Our Governor Víctor Manuel Castro Cosio and President Milena Paola Quiroga Romero, understand that part of the competitiveness of a tourism destination depends on its ability to promote itself, and a fishing tournament with attractive prizes is one of the best promotions that we can offer to our capital. 

49.4 million Americans participate in fishing activities annually -Recreation Boating Fishing Foundation (RBFF), Special Report on Fishing 2019-, 09 million Europeans spent 10.5 billion euros to Europe’s coastal economies for recreational fishing – European Union 2017-, that is a huge market for ecotourism that Baja California Sur can handle with satisfaction. 

Sport fishing generates revenues in fishing equipment, hotels visits, restaurant consumption, purchase or rental of boats, payment of fishing licenses, purchase of baits or lures, hiring of captains and crew –guides-, air or land transport, rental of marine slips, all these together create an important economy around sport fishing for any city or community.

So come and live great moments in our seas and with its wildlife, feel the trill of landing a fish and the sound of the reel, watch the fish jump, or going into battle for his life, capture that moment for Facebook or Instagram, and then if the fish is not the size you seek or because the pardon is granted return it to our seas, these kinds of moments are priceless.

La Paz, as the capital of sport fishing, is possible, this coming weekend – July 9th and 10th-,join us, live it, and share your best moments with the prized Dorado.